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November in the Garden: Snow! (Sort Of)

According to my rain gauge, we have had over 4.5 inches of rain this week. There were predictions of clearing weather, followed by freezing temps. But the rain was not completely gone before the freezing air arrived, and we woke up to snow! Sort of. We certainly did not have enough to close schools or roads, and I still had to go to my dentist appointment this morning. But the dusting we received was beautiful. While parts of the country to the north of us could claim a real snow event, we had just enough snow to lay icy tendrils atop branches and to cover leaves and lingering flowers with white crystals.

I considered if it was worth a before-breakfast jaunt into the frigid garden with my camera, then decided that any amount of snow in our part of the woods was worth a picture. So here are images of my garden, just a month out of summer and heading already into winter. Look carefully and you can see some snow!

Happy Thanksgiving to you all; may you be blessed with joy in your hearts and see beauty around you, whatever your season!   Deb 


When Snow Fell on Alabama

It has all melted now, but I am still remembering our unexpected snowfall that occurred on December 8. Today was rainy and cold, a bit too warm for snow. Later this week we should have spring-like temps around 70 degrees F, so our typical see-saw winter weather has begun. Meanwhile, I have more snowy images to show you. I must take advantage of the opportunity, as the rest of our winter is likely to feature muddy tones of brown and gray. So here they are, as close to a white Christmas as I am likely to get!

Finally, I found this character (a decorative metal bug who has forgotten it is winter) happily playing in the snow in front of the house:

A joyous holiday season and Merry Christmas to you all!  Deb