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When Snow Fell on Alabama

It has all melted now, but I am still remembering our unexpected snowfall that occurred on December 8. Today was rainy and cold, a bit too warm for snow. Later this week we should have spring-like temps around 70 degrees F, so our typical see-saw winter weather has begun. Meanwhile, I have more snowy images to show you. I must take advantage of the opportunity, as the rest of our winter is likely to feature muddy tones of brown and gray. So here they are, as close to a white Christmas as I am likely to get!

Finally, I found this character (a decorative metal bug who has forgotten it is winter) happily playing in the snow in front of the house:

A joyous holiday season and Merry Christmas to you all!  Deb



2015 Fall Flame-out

Winter is here.The new year has begun with typical dreary skies and monochromes around the garden, but less than a month ago the 2015 fall flame-out occurred, with spectacular Japanese maple colors, like the grand finale of a fireworks display. Here are photos taken the first two weeks of December, before wind and rains and cold temperatures stripped the limbs bare. It is something to remember!

While the leaves were expiring in glory, I found this ghost of a fuchsia:

And these hardy begonia seed-heads:

Compare this very recent view toward the woodland garden (with Feelin' Blue Deodar Cedar in the foreground) to similar views above, taken earlier in December:

Welcome winter, and Happy New Year!