Holiday Decorating Ideas, Part II

This is a continuation of my previous post, Holiday Decorating Ideas, Part I, a collection of Christmas images from the Caroline House at Briarwood Presbyterian Church. The first post primarily featured the main room and some of the dining spaces. Here we look at some other parts of the house, beginning with the kitchen:

Yes, that is wrapping paper on the front of the refrigerator. The microwave got a similar treatment.

I am definitely planning to give my kitchen window a look like this for the holidays; the vases are hung from a tension rod above:

Moving to other parts of the house, here is a lovely bedroom:

Some wall decor:

Views from a charming bathroom:

Some window vignettes:

Outside the Caroline House, there were some birdhouses decorated for the season. I like the idea of hanging them from shepherds hooks:

Finally, here are a few centerpiece ideas, not at the Caroline House but in the nearby Fellowship Hall:

I hope you enjoyed the tour of Caroline House. May you and your family enjoy many blessings through the upcoming season.    Deb


Holiday Decorating Ideas, Part I  

This week I enjoyed a visit at the Caroline House, a lovely house used for women's ministry at Briarwood Presbyterian Church. Every room of this beautiful old home was filled with wonderful ideas for Christmas decorating. I thought I would do a quick post but soon realized I could never put everything in a single post. So here is part I. I will publish part II in a couple of days. I saw a number of ideas I plan to incorporate into my own holiday decor. Study the details, and you may find inspiration for your own home. Enjoy!

Here in the main room is a spectacular Christmas tree:

A close-up of some home-made holiday wrappings:

The piano:

Looking back toward the main entry of Caroline House:

A manger in front of the fireplace:

The fireplace:

Above the fireplace:

More holiday vignettes:

There were several dining areas throughout the house. Here are ideas from one of those dining spaces:

A children's table set for Christmas:

Decorations for another fireplace:

More beautiful ideas:

Finally, here are some images from the sunroom:

More great ideas from other parts of the house are coming up in Part II. You don't want to miss the kitchen!