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A Crime Scene on a Beautiful Day

Recently, Garden, the cat who does not belong to me, and I were walking near the lady garden when we came across a crime scene. 

That's gross! 

Garden couldn't stand it and covered her eyes.

Warning: the following image is graphic, so if you have a weak stomach, you better not look, either.The bloody guts, upon investigation, was actually red and white sap coming from a stump. Lou had cut down a tree. I have never seen a bleeding tree before, but I think this one qualifies!

Garden and I went looking for more pleasant things, and we saw this vignette in the lady garden:

We saw summer snowflakes, leucojum aestivan:

And many other lovely flowers:

Here's my watering can:

In the front garden we admired the weeping cherry tree:

We saw the Jane magnolia overlooking the woodland garden:

Then we entered the woodlands and got another perspective on the Jane magnolia:

Morning light shown across some spirea shrubs:

Gauzy spiderwebs hung like hammocks among the branches:

We stopped to look at some variegated ivy:

A treat for the eyes, blooming redbud trees were sweet as puffs of cotton candy:

Finally, on our way out of the woodlands, Garden stopped to speak to the rabbit:

We enjoyed our walk. The air was refreshing and the sights were beautiful, except for the crime scene. It was a day too fine for murder, and I told Lou he shouldn't have cut down that tree. A tree that bleeds will probably come back to haunt you.

Happy Spring!



The Skies of March

March has been an unsettled month with many stormy days, some cold temperatures, some bright skies and warm breezy days, all jumbled together in no particular order. 

Spring washed in with the rains of this turbulent month, and trees budded against the changing sky.

Above, the lower photo on the right is my weeping higan cherry tree. I took the following pictures of that same tree on a damp, dreary day. You can read the history of this tree (and a little of my history, too) in my post We are survivors.

I captured this budding magnolia tree on a crisp, sunny morning.

The other day had it all. Dawn arrived with cold temperatures and gloomy skies. A stormy morning was followed by a pleasant, sunny afternoon, then the clouds and rain returned toward dusk. Amazed at what I saw, I shot these photos in the rain as the day closed with a fiery sunset.

March! Moving on, that's the way it is.