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The Garden Awakens

The Garden awakens.March brings color back to the landscape, and I wander about, exclaiming over each new sight as though I had thought the dreary monochromes of winter would last forever. Spring is not completely entrenched yet. There are still many bare branches, but every day brings more plants out of their slumber. With a last frost date of April 15, we could still have freezing temps to spoil it all, but I hope not! 

I took all of these images today:Clockwise from top left: Loropetalum; Variegated Winter Daphne in pot under old camellia bush; Unidentified camellia bloom; Azalea Karume 'Coral Bells'

Forsythia blooms were disappointing this year. We had unusually warm weather at Christmas, and many shrubs began to bloom then, only to soon have the flower buds killed by frost. This happened to forsythias, azaleas and even dogwoods, so their performance this spring has been affected. 

The above two images are of mushrooms I found in the front garden.

The camellia blooming in all these woodland garden photos is called Gunsmoke.

By next week there should be even more dramatic changes in the landscape. Get ready for the garden party!


All Kinds of Glory

The earth reveals all kinds of glory. Azaleas are blooming and Japanese maples have unfurled their brilliant leaves in the front garden. The woodlands are becoming a tapestry of green and white as fresh foliage emerges and dogwood blossoms open. Birds are making babies, my onions are poking up in the vegetable garden, the days are longer, the breezes are exhilerating and good smells permeate the air. Such are the dreams of spring that kept me through winter's dismal clutch on the landscape, and they have finally come true. 

The following scenes greet me as I wander through the garden, taking it all in:This Japanese maple is in the front garden, outside our dining room window.

An April view of the front garden from the patio

Another view of the front garden from the patio

Looking toward the patio from the front lawn

Another view across a portion of the front garden from the front lawn

Looking toward the wooded area next to the arbor garden

Looking across the woodland garden from the front lawn

Dogwoods in the woodlands

Top: Magnolia 'Jane' continues to bloom beautifully, despite last week's brief temperature plunge below freezing. Many of the blooms turned to brown mush, but new ones quickly took their place. Clockwise from above left: Magnolia 'Jane'; Apple 'Red Delicious' blooms; Phlox subulata grows behind an unidentified wildflower;Trillium cuneatum, also called Sweet Betsy.

The last daffodils of spring. Did you see the tiny hover fly in the top photo?

Mockingbirds are nesting in this rustic birdhouse in the front garden. The evergreen tree in the background is Cryptomeria japonica.

Spring was a long time coming this year, but I doubt that means the same of summer with its high humidity and heat. Meanwhile, I plan to enjoy every day of this glorious season! 

Note: Pease check out my revised Woodland Garden photo gallery on the sidebar, which includes newly updated woodland garden photos PLUS photos of individual woodland garden plants. Enjoy!