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March Woodlands

We gardeners are inordinately tuned to the weather. At night we think, Will it rain tomorrow? Will it freeze tonight? In the morning we poke our heads out the door first thing. Wonder if those clouds will last? What's the temperture now? Will it warm up this afternoon? Will it storm? We consider all those things, then hurry back inside to turn on the weather channel for an official forecast. Not trusting that, we look it up on the internet, then ask our family members and friends for their own weather predictions.

This March has teased us with just about anything we could anticipate: thunderstorms and frosty nights and cool days and gray days and blue skies and warm days, staggering back and forth like a drunk, headed toward April, where finally there is no going back but only forward into the glory days of spring.

Every chance I get, I search the woodlands for new growth, and I am not disappointed:

A fern frond unfurls:

Tree buds are opening, and this is the most conclusive evidence of springs' entrenchment. Below is Japanese maple 'Orido Nishiki':

This Orido Nishiki is one of my favorite woodland garden trees. I not only love its foliage; I also love the color of its bark:

Trilliums are popping up in the woodlands. These natives inspired me to add a secondary path in the woodlands, just so I could more easily enjoy them:

Here are some larger views of the March woodland garden. Recent rains have made the moss path lush and velvety:

And how about this for evidence of spring: The Easter bunny! Those pretty little yellow flowers are Nacissus bulbocodium (Hoop Petticoat Daffodil - a perfect name!)

May you have the hope of rebirth and restoration, even as spring comes surely after the winter.  Happy Easter!   Deborah


A Bouquet For You

Other obligations have kept me out of my garden and away from my blog for a few days. Sigh. No time to explore my woodland garden! But one can see this view from the driveway.Would I be happy if I were free to spend every day as I chose, if I had no schedule book full of notations and appointments, and if there were no alarm clock forcing me out of bed before even the birds awaken? You bet I would be, haha, but I think it is a fantasy world even retired folks don't live in. Or do they? I'll find out one day!

Meanwhile, I did steal a few minutes to take some photos of spring blooms. So here is a virtual bouquet, fresh from my garden!

First there are the forsythias whose cheery fluttering blossoms announce the coming of spring:

Next, take a close look at the following blooms, but watch out for the bee when you virtually stick your nose into the working parts, down where the pollinators like to be:Large photo above is Trollius, then below that, clockwise from top left: Flowering quince; Daffodil; Camellia 'Taylor's Perfection'; Camellia 'Gunsmoke'

I can't remember who, but an ancient bard once said that if you have two coins, with one buy bread for the body and with the other buy hyacinths for the soul. I agree. My little grape hyacinths are best appreciated from the ant's point of view. I won't describe the ridiculous position I got myself into to take these pictures. Can you find the ant?Here are some more blue and white blooms with details that deserve a closer look:Clockwise from top left: Phlox subulata; Vinca major; Pansy; Hepatica

And daffodils! Happy, happy daffodils:

Finally, some pink and red camellias complete my bouquet of spring blooms:

March 20 is the first official day of spring, but here in the Deep South we are a little early. Happy gardening!