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Sweet Rain!

The storms arrived with thunder and wind and brief power outages, but I was not complaining. This past week we had over 2.5 inches of rain, and more is predicted. The drought is not officially over, and we have a lot of making-up to do; but our weather is moving toward its normal wet winter pattern. After a couple of days of soaking rain, I ventured outside.

The weather was still very breezy, and Lou was standing with his rake as leaves swirled around him. He had been clearing paths and was attempting to rake the lawn. I laughed.

"Isn't that like trying to hold back the ocean waves?"

"No, it's easy. See, all I have to do is put out the sack, and the leaves fall into it!"

I left Lou raking, and I wandered through the gardens with my camera.These are views of the woods next to the lower front lawn, near the entry to our property.The vibrant colors of the foliage remaining on the trees stunned me.I thought the drought would rob autumn of its glory this year, but the arrival of rain and cooler air intensified the red and golden hues.

Looking into arbor garden through the iron arch

Looking toward the woods from inside the arbor garden

'Feelin' Blue' Deodar Cedar grows at the edge of the woodland garden. Its gorgeous blue foliage complements the fall colors of deciduous plants.

This Japanese maple in the woodland garden is 'Orangeola.'

I will bring the folding iron chairs in the woodland sitting area inside for the winter. I used the matching magazine holder for potted plants. It is coming inside, too.

Since I shot these images, the colors have faded and multitudes of leaves have come to earth. More work for Lou! Freezing temperatures are on the way, and I am listening to rain as I write this. (It would be hilarious if our drought officially ended with snow!) Yesterday I was outside putting up Christmas lights. I am content.


Walk in the Woods

The weather remains very dry. High clouds cut down on the sun's brightness but hold no promise of rain. But daytime temps are only into the 70's, and our endless summer may be, however reluctantly, letting go. I heard there was a promise of rain by mid-month, but when I looked at weather predictions today, that promise seems to be vanishing. Sigh. Nevertheless, fall colors are beginning to show in the woodlands, mostly muted golds and browns. Here are some images I took yesterday as I walked in the woodland garden:

Look very close at this old Snowflake hydrangea. Do you see the Grandaddy Longlegs?

The old shed in the background belongs to a neighbor.

If I look for them, I can see signs of our severe drought in these photos. I can be sad for the suffering plants and the lost fall I dreamed of. Or I can choose to appreciate the gorgeous weather, the blessings of nature that continue, and the gentle days that stretch between summer and winter. 

Hope carries on.