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A Snowy Monster and Other Things in My Garden

When I woke up yesterday morning, this is the scene that greeted me outside the front windows:

It was a perfect snow for several reasons:

1. I was off work, so I could stay home to enjoy it.

2. There was enough snow to be beautiful but not enough to block roads; so those who had to get about could do so safely, as long as they drove carefully.

3. It will all be gone soon, as spring-like weather is forecast for this weekend.

I quickly pulled on warm clothes and got my camera. I spent the next hour or so wandering around, snapping photos. I was euphoric over the snow which outlined the tree branches:

The old oak tree behind our house is a survivor. It was once a magnificent, perfectly formed tree, but its top was ripped away by the tornado that came through, exactly twenty-one years ago. I thought it would die, but it has surprised me!

I headed for the front garden, and for a moment a snowy monster gave me pause. Then I recognized an old rubber lizard, who has lived in my garden for about fifteen years. He's rather large, and the older he grows, the more life-like he becomes! Below the lizard are various garden ornaments.

Here's a scene from the lady garden. The snow brings out the lady's true nature: rampant and unruly!

And some views of the woodland garden:The tree with the birdhouse is a trident maple. Winter highlights its lovely peeling bark.

I was feeling artsy with my new camera, so I enjoyed taking shots featuring snowy patterns:

Despite the snow, I saw signs of spring, as well as the last remnants of last year's dried seeds and blossoms:After traipsing around in the snow taking all these photos, my hands were freezing! But no problem. Another nice thing about the snow is that it inspired Lou to build a fire, so this is what was waiting for me when I finally went inside:

Stay warm, and may all your monsters be made of rubber!
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