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My New, Very Old Birdbath

Last year Lou cleared some small dead trees out of the natural area in the center of the woodland garden, and suddenly the area appeared a bit bare. I mulled over the idea of a piece of sculpture, but it would have to be something that would fit into the rustic setting. 

Last week I came across a large "vintage estate, pedestal birdbath." I did not need another birdbath, but it was the right size and price. I had ideas on how to make it work. After I hauled it home in the back of the car, my husband complained bitterly about its weight as he was wrestling it into place. I promised him he would love it. 

It is a distinctive birdbath with at least a half century of patina. As I said, I wanted a piece of sculpture more than a birdbath. So I filled the bowl with soil and covered that with moss from my garden. Then I placed a crystal gazing ball in the center. I put some violas around the ball for instant gratification, though this spring I plan to replace them with something else with tiny flowers. I am not sure yet what will work with moss in this shady area. I will do some research.

It fits well into the wooded surroundings, but I think I will need to clear out weeds that may detract from it.
I am looking forward to spring when everything turns green and the vinca ground cover around it blooms. Lou does love it, though I had to assure him I will not be calling up any spirits of the dead with the crystal ball!


A Hint of Fall in Deb's Garden

I shouldn't be surprised, because it seems to happen every year. One day the temp was 90 degrees, and everyone was running around in shorts and sandals. Then 24 hours later the temp plummeted to 40. Summer lasted well into October this year, so this was a welcome change. I have put away my summer clothes and pulled out long pants and sweaters. At last!

The garden is moving from stressed-out end of summer into autumn and is as happy as I am about the new season. October was very dry, but recent rain has refreshed the grounds.

Here are some recent views of the garden as the first hints of autumn begin to show:

Athyrium filix-femina 'Lady in Red' as it begins to go dormant

The lady in the woodlands has a new variegated fig hairdo.

Large photo above shows various evergreens in the woodland garden. Smaller photos clockwise from top left: Variegated euphorbia; Variegated Japanese pittosporum; Lemon balm; Mahonia "Soft Caress."

Here are a few late season blooms that appreciate the cooler weather: Clockwise from top left: Helenium 'Short 'n' Sassy'; Salvia "Black and Blue"; Dwarf butterfly bush 'Purple Haze'; Conoclinium coelestinum (perennial ageratum or blue mistflower); Autumn sage 'Heatwave glitter' ; Encore azalea 'Autumn Embers.'All images in this post were taken last week. Since then, fall colors have begun to show in their glory. So now I am going to grab my camera and take photos for my next post! Happy fall!   Deb