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Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens

I put Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens on my list of places to visit when I toured parts of northern California recently with two of my sons.At first my sons were in favor of dropping me off while they saw some attraction more suitable, in their opinion, for young adult men. I convinced them to come with me, and in the end they were very happy they came. It was one of the best places we visited on our vacation.

Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens includes 47 acres of land with winding trails, including a coastal trail that features spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. Plants from all over the world thrive in the mild climate, where frequent fog humidifies and protects plants from the intensity of full sun, and a backdrop of trees shelters perennials from strong winds. Because of the high water table, plants are grown in mounded beds to insure good drainage. During our September visit, featured plants were dahlias, begonias, fuchsias, heathers, and many perennials at their peak. 

MCBG also includes a large vegetable garden with organic vegetables. Strawberries were just ripening, and we appreciated the sign that told us to eat some, leave some. They were delicious!

The trail to the Pacific took us past lush ferns and beneath coastal trees before opening to bright light and sweeping views of the ocean.


I have given you a small taste of what we experienced; if you are ever in the Mendocino area, be sure to see this wonderful Garden!

Best wishes to you all, Deb