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remembering Arizona

In September, some friends and I traveled to Phoenix, Arizona for a business conference. When we weren't in meetings, we were able to visit some local attractions. Today, Janet White, Amy Sheen, and Jan Harris came over to share photos from that trip. When I arrived in Phoenix, I was upset because I had forgotten my camera. However, thanks to my friends and modern computer technology, I now have over 200 photos to reinforce my memories. I am putting a few desert pictures up on this blog to share with readers.

The Sonoran Desert is spectacular, with red rocks, turquoise sky, and weird, beautiful plants that definitely do not grow in Alabama. One afternoon we spent several hours wandering in Phoenix's desert botanical garden. The temperature was 104 degrees - if a person happened to be stripped down and standing in ice water. Now, Alabama is hot, too; and as they say, in Phoenix it is a dry heat. I have to admit our sticky, humid summers can take some getting use to. Hot is hot, no matter where on the planet you are cooking. I suppose the choice depends on whether one prefers to be dry-roasted or steamed. 

Arizona is so different from Alabama. I am glad I was able to visit. Our land is vast and offers so much. As Jan Harris said today, "Don't we have a great country?"

Yes, we do.Birds use the cavities near the top of this cactus as an apartment building.

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This was one of the hottest vacations I can ever remember taking and four women shared one hotel room and two beds. We worked it out well! We shifted around for showers and sleep, kept our belongings in separate little areas and saw some incredible sights as well as sharing some hilarious experiences. I feel such a bond with Debbie and the girls of the trip. Wouldn't trade this experience for a million bucks--really! I'm ready to return with all four of them--especially if UAB will pay.! Jan Harris

November 19, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJan Harris

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