June Walk

Summertime is here, hot and humid but not yet fierce, delightful and sticky as honey on the tongue.The old Southern Magnolia across from the house is blooming, its large fragrant flowers a testament to summer in the Deep South.I had my first watermelon of the year last week, along with hot dogs and hamburgers fresh from the grill. This is the season to sit on the patio in the cool of the day, until the sun sets and mosquitos begin to bite. Mosquitos generally leave me alone, while Lou is much sweeter and the bugs zero in on him. Late afternoon is also the perfect time to take a walk through the June garden.Here is the view from the patio, looking through the arch toward the front garden.I am happy to have a red banana, Ensete maurelii, growing again beside the patio.The pink flowering shrub beside the red banana is 'Anthony Waterer' spirea.This wonderful plant is one of my favorites for foliage. While it may survive a mild winter, it is not really hardy here. I learned the hard way, so it is in a large pot, which will be hauled inside when frost arrives.

From the patio one also has a view of the arbor garden:

Steps, which are bordered with an assortment of shrubs and flowers, lead from the patio to the arbor garden. Look closely through the foliage in this picture and you can see the steps:

Leaving the patio and the view of the arbor garden, lets walk under the arch and take a turn in front of the house. This will bring us to the parking court and various views around the front lawn. Green is the predominant color of summer. Because of our big windows, even the inside of the house takes on a verdant tint this time of year.

The combination of Calibrachoa and Tropicana Canna Lily will provide a shimmer of color in front of the house throughout the season.

A closer look at Calibrachoa; these look like small petunias but have a tidier habit.

Tropicana Canna Lily has spectacular leaves. It has proved to be reliably hardy in my zone 7b/8a climate.The Tropicana Canna Lily grows beside this birdbath. Behind the birdbath is Nandina 'Firepower,' a noninvasive nandina that does not produce flowers or berries. Beyond here is a parking area that is bordered by shrubs and flowers, part of the large front garden that wraps around the lawn.

Walking through the garden, one sees an assortment of flowers blooming in June, including this purple petunia:

Stella de Oro Daylily:

and more:Clockwise from top left: Rosa mutabilis; Sedum; 'Tutti Frutti' butterfly bush; Zantedeschia; Nasturtium; Fuchsia; Black-eyed Susan; Gardenia.

No walk is complete without a stroll through the woodland garden. In late afternoon it transforms into a green cathedral with windows of silver and gold.


Snowflake hydrangea

I hope you enjoyed the walk! Have a great week,  Deb 


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Hydrangeas at Aldridge Gardens

Aldridge Gardens in Hoover, Alabama, is different from many public gardens where people walk through to see the beautiful flowers.Today I visited the Gardens, and I was struck by how many persons were there to enjoy life. There was a wedding, a birthday party and an outdoor class. I saw someone reading a book under a tree. A couple were holding hands. Children were playing tag while their parents watched from a bench. More children were hanging over the railing at the boathouse, pointing out the big fish. A group who had just walked around the lake were trying to politely shoo the resident geese off the path. I heard laughter and music and bird song. Overall there was a spirit of peace, and it was a gorgeous day in the Gardens.

Of course, there were plenty of flowers to enjoy, and this month the wonderful hydrangeas have begun to bloom. The Hydrangea quercifolia 'Snowflake' is an unusual oakleaf hydrangea with double blooms, and this is the hydrangea that Eddie Aldridge patented and promoted. Now it is grown worldwide.But many other types of hydrangeas also grow in the Gardens. Here are a few views of hydrangeas around the Gardens today.

Ok, I know this last shot does not have any hydrangeas in it, but the goose posed for me and insisted he should be in my blog post.

May this coming week be filled with beautiful flowers and other things that make you smile.   Deb

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