Gibbs Gardens, a World-Class Garden in North Georgia

I recently visited Gibbs Gardens in North Georgia, and the saturated beauty of the place left me searching for superlative words to describe it.This bridge at Gibbs Gardens is a replica of Monet's famous bridge at Giverny.Jim Gibbs, founder of Gibbs Landscaping Company, spent six years looking for the perfect area to develop a world-class garden. Located about an hour north of Atlanta, the site covers over 220 rolling acres and is one of the largest residential gardens in the country. Mr. Gibbs began developing the Gardens around the Manor House in 1980. The Gibbs family still lives on site, but Mr. Gibbs graciously opens the Gardens to the public year round.

I took over 200 photos. Here is a sampling; for the most part I will let the images speak for themselves.

Views near the entrance to Gibbs Gardens:

The Manor House:

The pool behind the Manor:

The rich colors remind me of an Easter basket! The stiking green lawns are a mixture of fescue grass that stays green all year:


After exploring areas adjacent to and near the Manor House, we caught a tram that took us to the Japanese Garden:

Reflections in the water:

From the Japanese Gardens we leisurely walked back toward the entrance, past fern glades, woodland streams, and pleasurable resting spots:

I am still resting in the glow I felt walking through Gibbs Gardens. Joy to you all!   Deb



Deb's Garden, April 2017

April has always been one of the prettiest months in my garden. We are shaking off effects of last year's severe drought and a couple of mid-March freezes and moving forward. Here are views of Deb's Garden today: 

The lawn is bordered by the front garden. The Japanese maple on the left is our 'marriage tree,' purchased soon after Lou and I married 41 years ago:

This view of the front garden was taken near the patio:

Here is a red Japanese maple with a flowering dogwood, Cornus florida, in the background. This is one of our older dogwoods that survived last year's drought:

A few days ago we purchased Cornus florida 'Cherokee Brave,' a new variety of pink flowering dogwood bred for vigor and disease resistance. But how many dead dogwoods have we cut down? We plan to buy another Cherokee Brave this week. That makes two, a small beginning, but we are grateful that a number of our dogwoods still survive, including some younger ones.On the left is one of our original white flowering dogwoods. On the left is our new 'Cherokee Brave.'

If you follow my blog, you know how much I love Japanese maples! Japanese maple 'Aconitifolium' is one of my favorite green ones:

Here are views of assorted other Japanese maples growing in the garden:

Japanese maple 'Waterfall' grows in the woodland garden:

The blue bridge image is one of my favorite views of the woodland garden through the seasons. Here is April, 2017:

As I walked in the woodland garden today I noticed several butterflies. This Eastern Black Swallowtail was preoccupied with a native azalea and did not mind me taking its photo:

Also in the woodland garden today was an anole lizard resting on the side of a green watering can:

Here are assorted flowers currently blooming in the garden:Top row: Camellia japonica 'Gunsmoke'; Ajuga. Middle row: Fothergilla; Pink Columbine. Bottom row: Bloodroot; Hellebores.

Clockwise from top left: A white Encore Azalea; White double petunia; Variegated Solomon's Seal; Philadelphus (Mock Orange).I hope you enjoyed the tour! Have a great week!  Deb