One of These Flowers Doesn't Belong!
Thursday, May 26, 2011 at 5:00AM
Deborah Elliott in summer flowers, summerr flowers

All of the following flowers are blooming in my garden now. Can you guess which one doesn't belong?

First is Lychnis coronaria, also called rose campion. It was a passalong plant from a fellow garden blogger, Eve of Sunny Side Up. It has neon pink flowers and fuzzy silver leaves. Passalong plants are special, because they always remind me of friends who gave them to me.

Next is Asclepias tuberosa, also called butterfly weed. It has been slow to establish, but it looks good this year. I am hoping it will live up to its common name!

This lavender version of crepe myrtle was suppose to be miniature, growing to three feet. Ha! It is about six feet and would be much larger if I didn't keep it pruned. I love its pastel blossoms.

Bees love caryopteris! This soft, mounding shrub is also known as blue mist spirea.

Another shrub with lovely flowers is butterfly rose, Rosa mutabilis. The flowers change colors as they mature from rose to peach to crimson.

This purple verbena was growing on the property when we moved here in 1985 and has bloomed every year since. It's a classic!

Another classic planted by the original owner of my house is the common day lily. Did you know the flower pods are edible? They are delicious raw or stir fried in olive oil.

Gardenia 'August Beauty' has a wonderful smell and will bloom for two to three months.

Calibrachoa 'Apricot Punch' is also called superbell. The flowers look like miniature petunias. This annual will bloom non-stop till hard frost.

Buddleia, or butterfly bush, has just begun to bloom. Butterflies really do love this plant.

And finally, here is a a brightly colored chrysanthemum.

Which one doesn't belong? The chrysanthemum! It was in full bloom when it was given to me last November. It is supposed to be a fall bloomer. What provoked it to start blooming now, I do not know, but it doesn't seem to mind the hot temperatures we are experiencing this week. I plan to cut it back after the blooms fade. Hopefully it will bloom again when cool weather and football season arrives. Or could I hope there is a new variety that blooms all summer and into fall?

One of the fun (and sometimes not-fun!) aspects of gardening is the unpredictability of plants. We may think we have it all planned, but in the end the plants have the final say. 


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